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The Hysteria of Kony 2012

March 18, 2012

I watched the incredibly popular Kony 2012 and was impressed with the videography and editing. The video does a good job at convincing the viewer that Kony is a horrible man and has committed many terrible crimes. And who can argue with a cute little boy when he says he knows what is right and he knows who the bad man is. In a way it is reminiscent of the stories we read in school about the Salem witch trials. After watching the video I read other information regarding the conflict and reviews of the film from people who were more knowledgeable about the war than myself and I discovered that the video not popular in regions where the war took place. Why? Because it does not accurately portray the conflict and because all of the attention brought to Kony and catching Kony will in reality do very little to help those very people whom the video proclaims it will be helping. The refugees displaced by the war will not suddenly find homes or be given much-needed medical care if Kony is caught. The children who suffered as a result of Kony’s forced recruitment of child soldiers will not now receive an education and be given a second chance. All this video has done is to bring awareness to the crimes of one man without providing realistic or adequate solutions to those affected by his crimes. I think that people should watch the video if only to make them more aware of the crimes that occur in the world beyond their front door. And after watching the video, I think that people should make an effort to volunteer or donate money to an organization that will help make a difference in the lives of people who are left homeless or without access to basic health care or education. Simply watching a video and sharing it by social media networking does nothing but make the filmmaker very popular and possibly also wealthy.

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