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Save Syria

March 14, 2012

Yesterday I watched the news about the government ordained brutality in Syria. I saw video clips of men being beaten and forced to bow down and kiss Assad’s picture. I saw photos of innocent civilians shot by snipers, innocent children killed by shrapnel, and worse of all, innocent children shot in close range by soldiers. As I watched all of these horrors and listen to Syrian refugees who had escaped, their faces covered for fear of retribution against their family that remained in Syria, I felt helpless. How can we sit idly by and watch as these people are slaughtered by their own government? Why do countries let politics and paperwork get in the way of doing what is right? Even when approached by the Arab League for assistance in resolving the Syria conflict, the UN stands by and puts it to vote. And while it waits for the political wheel to get rolling, thousands more Syrians will die in Assad’s brutal crackdown. The UN is a sham and is now proving that in a time of crisis, it is a powerless body that moves only when Russia allows it. Russia, who blocks the veto as it sends its mercenary soldiers and weapons into Syria to assist the government in torturing and murdering innocent people. How can other powerful countries stand by and allow this? When will Europe step up to the plate and do something right for once, rather than stay on the sidelines and hope that the US will once again take the initiative and then criticize them for doing so. Maybe someone should create Save Syria posters and t-shirts like they did for Darfur. Or maybe someone needs to create an Assad 2012 video and post it on facebook. Let’s make him the number one most wanted dictator. Kony is a horrible man who did horrible things, but catching him now won’t bring back the dead, and it won’t improve the lives of the refugees living in camps and suffering from disease and malnutrition. On the other hand, arresting Assad would end the fighting and it would save thousands of lives and prevent a new generation of refugees living along the Turkey/Syria and Jordan/Syria borders.

One person alone cannot change the world, but if that person can motivate others, then together they can make a difference.


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