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Rockets Across the Border

March 13, 2012

Rockets began to fly into Israel just as Purim celebrations were coming to an end. The reason for this most recent barrage was Hamas’ anger at the Israeli military strike which targeted the man whom Israeli intelligence considered to be responsible for the plot to kidnap Gilad Shalit. While the rockets produced far less damage than the Israeli missiles sent in response, they did manage a direct hit on an elementary school.  It is fortunate that school had been cancelled for just this reason. Not so fortunate were the civilian lives lost in Gaza; innocent people caught in the middle of yet another battle with no ending in sight. Sadly it seems that in this region of the world, nothing goes without consequence. In this constant battle of tit for tat, where there are no winners and the only thing achieved is the continued spreading of fear and resentment which lay the foundation for yet another generation of racism, fear, and hatred.  

I believe that peace in this region can only be achieved through the people, politicians have proven their uselessness too many times already. It is time for Zionist Jews to accept that the entire region is not theirs, they do not have the right to build settlements in Palestine, they are not superior to the Palestinians. And it is time for militant Palestinians to accept, Israel is here, and it’s here to stay. Violence will achieve nothing but more hatred and resentment from the Jewish population, which will lead to nothing but more war and more harrassment at checkpoints, more blockade on imports and exports,  and an even longer separation wall, which is already over 100km too long. Both countries need to educate their youth on the equality of all nations, all races, and all religions.

We may look different, we may speak different languages, and we may pray in different ways, or not at all, but we bleed the same and we die the same. We are all equal, regardless of our differences, and we all have the same basic human rights, including the right to live, the right to learn, the right to pray, the right to work, and the right to love.

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